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Salem Witch Trials Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Salem Witch Trials - Research Paper Example The outcome was sure but not short. The female convict often with her baby, were put to hellish inferno till their last breath. The following paper highlights those torments that the women had endured in the background of Salem Witch Trials. Witchcraft and black magic had always cast deep horror and doubt among human beings, belonging to different strata and countries of the world. Anything that apparently unexplainable through common sense or substantial investigation had either been termed as divine or evil. In this battle of two extremities the later often gained much weight out of the fear of the common people. Like other countries of the world United States of America (USA) was no exception regarding its attitude towards witchcraft and subsequent steps and trials that had been taken against the same. Among them Salem Witch Trial might be considered as the most significant that had paved a new angle to that atrocity. Marilynne K. Roach describes Salem witch trials as â€Å"one o f the American history’s favorite stereotypes of intolerance and superstition, a tragedy with popular associations of magical evil and Halloween jokes† (Roach, 2004, p.xv). ... 59). As time passed by, the colony admitted to the fact that the results of the trials were mistakenly interpreted and the convicted families were compensated accordingly. The shadow casting of the trials brings with it the essence of paranoia and injustice within the quintessence of the populace of the later times. Boiling down to a pinpoint inspection it can be inferred that the victims were women and they faced the evil consequences. Varied ideas are associated with the Salem witch trials like the outgrowth of conflicts among the merchant and trading class alone with the disposition of the Puritanical doctrine. Again this paper will drive its omnipotent focus on the role of the women and their perils in the society of that at the background the periphery of Salem Witch Trials. The Salem Witch trials highlighted the fact that the colonial New England was subject to subordination along with immense oppression towards women of any age and that often came behind the veil of superstiti on as a justification of those heinous offenses. Disintegrated into a prosperous town and a farming village the inhabitants of the Salem village were basically in a dilemma to seek either ecclesiastical or political independence from the town. In 1689, after winning the rights of establishing their own church, the villagers had chosen the monk Samuel Parris as their minister who was a merchant before adopting priestly hood. Parris’s perturbed exploitative mechanism of appropriation led to the generation of rigorous friction amongst the inhabitants and that eventually resulted in termination of salary contribution in October 1691. In 1685, King James II's

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